WordCamp Card Game

If you are at WordCamp Miami today, in each register bag, each attendee received random WordCamp cards. Most of these cards are of WordCamp Miami speakers. The object of this game is to collect as many unique cards as possible, or to collect a certain group of special cards. Those that do will have the chance to win prizes at the networking party on Saturday night.

Each card shows a person’s picture, bio, and some of their stats.

For example, this card shows David Bisset as a developer with these skills: BuddyPress, #wcmia, and HTML/CSS.

Here’s the list of the cards that exist:

Blue Host
Foo Plugins
Woo Themes

Andi Graham
Andrew Norcross
Boone B Gorges
Bowe Frankema
brad williams
Brian Breslin
Brian Messenlehner
Chris Lema
David Bisset
Denise Jacobs
Diana Espino
Ernie Hsiung
Grant Landram
Jacqueline Jimenez
Jayvie Canono
Jen Mylo
John Jacoby
Justin Sainton
Lisa Sabin Wilson
Mark Jaquith
Mason James
Matt Mullenweg
Mauricia Ragland
Michael Chacon
Myke Bates
Paul Gibbs
Pippin Williamson
Ptah Dunbar
Randy Hoyt
Sam Grant
Shane Pearlman
Siobhan McKeown
Steve Zehngut
Suzette Franck
Syed Balkhi
Tammy Lister
Taylor Jasko
Tony Perez
Zac Gordon

You can get cards from most speakers and sponsors at the event.