Win a Prize At WordCamp Miami for Asking The Best Panel Question!

WordCamp Miami this year for the first time is having two discussion panels. We are asking for questions ahead of time, so we can have a lively discussion on Saturday. We also want your questions for our BuddyCamp panel on April 5th (Friday). To make things interesting, we are going to be giving away a WordCamp Miami prize (from one of our key sponsors) to the person who submits the best or most interesting question. How will we determine that? No idea, but you can’t be in the running without asking a question!

Click here to send us your question(s).

Please check our schedule for the latest information on times and sessions.

Here are our panels:

Answers To Common WordPress Questions
Panel #1 (11:15am on Saturday)
Now is your chance to ask a question directed to an experienced panel of WordPress users and developers. Perhaps you are looking for a better plugin for something you want to do with a WordPress site? Maybe you are looking for the best ways to integrate social (like videos or Facebook) posts into your site? Maybe you are looking to advertise on your blog and you need some tips to get started.

The Future of WordPress
Panel #2 (2:45pm on Saturday)
Our panel of experienced WordPress developers and business owners – who know how far WordPress can be modified and themed – will answer questions about some of the challenges that WordPress has ahead of itself. Especially as it transitions from being used primarily as a blog platform to a CMS platform to a “web application” platform. Perhaps you want to know how the strengths and weaknesses of WordPress vs. other similar solutions. Or maybe you have an idea for a complex app, and want to see how WordPress can be the solution for that app. This panel is primarily for those who are experienced users and developers, looking to have a lively discussion on how people see WordPress outside the “WordPress bubble” – and see if these observations have any merit. If you have a question about the road ahead for WordPress, then this is your panel.

BuddyCamp Miami Panel
(Friday, April 5th)
BuddyCamp Miami will also have a panel on April 5th. We welcome ANY questions related to BuddyPress or social network design.

Again, click here to send us your question(s). We are looking forward to having some great discussions this year at WordCamp Miami.