Wahwah is a free personalized radio that makes your activities more fun with music and friends. Next time you go running, cycling or driving, just make it better with Wahwah!

The perfect music for your activities.

If you want to listen to great music, just type in the name of of one of favorite artists and Wahwah will create a personalized radio station from our catalogue of more than 15 million songs. Even better, if you want to discover the perfect music for something you are doing, such as “working” at your office, we have a selection of custom stations that will make your work more enjoyable. And over time, our recommendation engine will learn how to pick the the best music for each of your activities.

Enjoy it with friends.

Have ever gone jogging and did not know what to listen to? Well, with Wahwah you can see who else is jogging around you, and even around the world, and tune in to their station to listen to the music together. And if you want to create a station and have your friends join you, its very simple: select an artist, check-in to your location and choose your activity – your friends will be able to find you and enjoy the music with you. Exactly the same songs, at exactly the same time. Cool right?

Wahwah. All Together Now™.

* Listen to free personalized radio stations selected from a library of 15 million songs.
* Find custom stations created specifically for your activities.
* Enjoy the music with friends and people doing the same activity you are.
* Find people nearby, or around the world, that may share your same taste in music and listen together.
* Interact with your friends via chat, as you listen to the music.
* Use emoticons to like, love or hate the songs playing.
* Fine-tune the musical parameters of your radio station for a more personal experience.

We love getting feedback from our users!

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