Looking For Work? Looking To Hire? Network At WordCamp Miami

Looks like many people coming to WordCamp Miami are people looking for work (freelance, contract, and full-time). It also looks like there are people looking for potential hires as well, so to encourage both groups to meet and network at the event we are planning two things:

=== Fill Out Our Form ===

If you are looking for work or to hire, please fill out this form as soon as possible:


This will allow us to compile this information and distribute it at WordCamp Miami on Saturday, April 6th. We will also provide a way for you to advertise any new availabilities and positions at the event, but having this information ahead of time gives us the chance to get it already printed and in the hands of potential employers and employees.

You can fill out the form more than once if you are looking for different hires and positions (if you are looking for work, please only fill it out once). But you must fill out the form by March 31st.

=== Networking ===

WordCamp Miami is a networking event. There are 450 attendees, and making connections should be a goal for anyone attending (for many reasons!). This year, we have extended times in the morning, during lunch, and in the afternoon for you to take a break and talk to fellow attendees. Meet new people – the next person you meet might be a new contact, friend, employee, or employer. We are also having a dedicated networking after party on April 6th. There will be food and fun, but also a great chance to relax and talk with your fellow attendances in a relaxed atmosphere.


There is NO ticket or charge to come to this networking event. It’s open to ALL. But please remember to bring your lanyard and badge for a chance to win some giveaways from our sponsors.

Thanks and see you soon at WordCamp Miami!