After Party Location: Finnegan’s River

3 While speaker and sponsor information is important – and rightly so – we know people like to know about what’s happening AFTER the event. Yep, we are talking the after party. In past years, WordCamp Miami’s after parties have been revolving around drinks and a good time in the Coral Gables area. Got no complaints, but we wanted to raise the bar a bit. Plus for an event like this, we also wanted to provide a better atmosphere for networking and making personal connection (who has time to network at the conference with so many great sessions going on?).

So our after party of choice this year is Finnegan’s River. We think it’s going to be great for a few reasons:

1. New location. People coming to Miami want to see water and nightlife. In previous locations, we didn’t have that… but this new location does. Win!
2. Dinner is served. Many want to grab a bite to eat after WordCamp, and rightly so. But now you can grab something to eat at our after party location, and then grab some drinks later into the night.
3. Networking. It’s hard to meet new folks over loud music, so our after party location should be able to provide an environment where you can talk to someone without blowing out your voicebox.
4. Drinks. This is Miami, so of course drinks are there as well. We are working on drink specials, but we got water and soda too.

We are also working on a plan to provide special transportation (hey, I didn’t say party bus – where did you get that idea?) to take those without transportation from WordCamp to the venue. More information on this when you arrive at WordCamp.

We certainly hope you enjoy yourselves at WordCamp – make new connections while surrounded by great food and festive environment.

(BTW: Flennegan’s River site runs on WordPress, so we just had to go with them… although someone needs to tell them to turn on their permalinks).

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